Are You Embarrassed About Your Coloring Skills Now That Your Fine Motor Skills Have Diminished?

With being a color enthusiast myself, MS has had a detrimental impact on my fine motor skills so staying in the lines is difficult and sometimes even over whelming because of my perfectionism. So I made sure to bring beautiful coloring pages that don't take spoons away by straining those fine motor skills, eyes, and focus.

You see, coloring is not just for kids! Studies now proven coloring actually reduces stress and is beneficial for adults, too. 

From the wide spaces of our mandala pages to even the most detailed oriented designs, there is a coloring page for any and everybody! The wide designs allow those that have difficulty with coloring to regain their confidence all the while can still be enjoyed by the seasoned coloring expert!

I am so confident that my coloring pages will be your next favorite hobby I am willing to even give you a free download page to color RIGHT NOW!!!!


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